In June 2019, as part of my new passion, I came up with the name "DIANKAN." Using the drawing course as a foundation, I created a new Facebook profile named "Diankan Art" dedicated exclusively to this subject. In addition to Facebook, I also decided to create a website

On January 22, 2020, I drew a human element for the first time while learning from a lesson titled "short hair."

After the still life sketches, it was time to move on to architecture


The most interesting observation for me was that at a certain point, drawings started coming out of my sketches spontaneously. I didn't quite grasp the essence of sketching at that time; it didn't work for me, my hand naturally gravitated toward drawing. Now, as of January 2020, it's definitely better. I can sketch and then turn it into a drawing.

All of these works took me an enormous amount of time, even though I drew a scaled-down version of them on A5 paper. I believe that the issue of a shorter time frame is a matter of practice.

As a final piece, I made my first drawing, using colored pencils for the first time, as the 100th "sketch."


Meanwhile, just as with painting, I didn't quite connect with the medium of drawing. Since I couldn't get into books, I decided to search for knowledge in the greatest repository of modern times - the internet.

It turned out to be a perfect move. Many people on YouTube share their videos, and one of my favorites was Max's vlog. Then, at the end of June, I discovered Kris, and I focused solely on his content.

In addition to his YouTube videos, Kris also offered an online drawing course from the very basics - RzK.

After a quick analysis, I realized that this was IT.

I immediately purchased all the episodes.

In the beginning, the author explains the fundamentals and motivates us to take action. He shares videos of several sketches he creates from scratch, from the very first strokes, without fast-forwarding, showing how to draw them. He teaches how to establish proportions and what to pay attention to.

The author teaches his students to draw from photos, so our task is to replicate what he drew step by step, following his instructions. The first lesson includes around 20 drawings, and then we move on to the next episode: "a sketch as a piece of art."

This is where the first real challenge begins. 100 still life photos: cups, glasses, fruits, pears, stuffed animals. And not knowing what I was doing, I challenged myself to sketch them all.

I started practicing intensively at the beginning of August. That's when the first difficulties appeared, as Kris, for these 100 photos, only reminded us of how to reproduce proportions and where to indicate shadows based on one of them.

My teacher had left me ;(.

At least, that's how I felt. However, he was still watching over us, and by doing so, he encouraged us to think independently and slowly find our own path and style.

Drawing those 100 sketches took me three months, and I'm sharing some of the works below:

However, knowing that "you can't pour from an empty jug" and that knowledge doesn't come out of thin air, I descended into the basement and delved into my little library, unearthing all the books on drawing that I had collected in my youth from boxes and shelves.

I began learning from books, both in theory and in practice.



In May 2019, after 25 years of inactivity in the realm of sketching, drawing, and painting, I decided to revisit a long-forgotten passion. I picked up a pencil and started drawing. I sketched objects from my immediate surroundings, a vase on the table, cups, etc. I even tried drawing a person. My friend suggested that practicing on roses is a good idea, so roses also made their appearance.

I'm sharing my first drawings below

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