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In the realm of painting, I don't yet have many works to showcase.

I only have the painting from which everything began and another one from which I created my logo. The parrot painting was actually my first.

I thought that before I take on the challenge of painting a mural, I would test my skills and paint something "for the drawer." The parrot came to life, and I liked it enough to make it my logo and then started working on the main painting. The parrot isn't in the drawer; it's hanging on the wall at my family's place.


When it comes to drawing, I have to admit that I can't yet create them "from my head," from imagination.

When I try to draw something spontaneously or even from reality, my drawings turn out like those of an elementary school student.

However, I love and feel very comfortable drawing from photographs, and I do it with the mindset of "the more details, the better."

I enjoy observing shadows, tiny lines, dots, and as I work on a particular portrait or drawing, I find myself seeing more than I did at the beginning of the work.

At this moment (in 2020), this form of art brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction.

I don't know what the future holds, as I still have many lessons from Kris to go through, new techniques, and materials. I'm very curious about this journey ahead. I think it will bring me many surprises and creative joy.

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