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My name is Anna. I come from a lovely, well-known and well-liked city in the south of Poland, Kraków, bustling with life and giving its citizens everything they can dream of. I have always been inspired by its architecture, culture and cuisine.I often go on business trips to Germany. I treat it as my second home and this is where my journey to Diankan Art began.The idea was born in 2018. One September day, looking at the living room in my flat in Stuttgard I decided, together with my Friend, that we should refurbish it a bit.


We took down all the decorations from the walls, moved the furniture and prepared for painting the room. When we finished, the living room was light and fresh but the walls seemed very empty. The place lacked a certain charm, we both felt it, so we decided to put a big painting on one of the walls.


We had been looking for an appropriate masterpiece for three months but we failed. My Friend was not so persistent in looking for an ideal picture and was gradually giving up. However, I felt I could manage to fulfil my goal of putting life into that place and did not want to give in.We were still searching for a perfect picture while life was moving on. One weekend I went on a business trip and stayed in the hotel I had used many times before. That was where the revelation came. A German artist put her pictures, showing mostly little cows, on the walls in the hotel.I was looking at those paintings with growing interest. Looking at the selection of colours, lines, shades, a surprising thought appeared:‘Paint this picture yourself!’I could not get rid of the idea, it was in my head all the time. I shared it with my Friend and he supported me and encouraged me to put my ideas into practice.At the beginning of 2019 I started imagining the painting. What colours to select, what theme to choose. Some outline and design started growing in my head. I decided to paint the picture before Christmas at the latest.Not having any previous painting experience I did feel the thrill. In May I started learning painting from books, which I soon gave up and gave a chance to ‘by trial and error’. The attempt to paint the very first picture in my life was to be an idicator whether I should take my painting more seriously.I also started learning drawing, which is easier for me. I used an on-line course, which I found great and worth recommending.Now, at the end of 2019, I can write that my first big painting is already on the wall and I have a much clearer idea of Diankan Art..

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