17 December 2022

My first steps

In May 2019, after a 25-year break, I decided to come back to my passion of sketching, drawing and painting. I grabbed a pencil and started drawing. Using my imagination I would sketch everyday objects: a jug on the table, cups, I even tried to sketch a person. My Friend suggested practising with roses, so I used them, too.

Learning from the beginning

However, knowing that ‘you cannot get water out of a stone’ and I cannot get knowledge out of nowhere, I went to the basement, searched the bookcase and found all the books about drawing I used when I was younger.I started learning from books and practising.Yet, I found the knowledge from books not adequate both when it came to painting and drawing.Therefore, I decided to use the greatest modern treasury – the Internet.It turned out a great success. You can find many useful videos on YouTube. I particularly liked Maksym’s vlog. Then, at the end of June, I discovered Kris’s vlog and put all my attention to it.Kris suggested an online drawing course for beginners.After a quick analysis I decided that it was IT.I bought access to all the videos at once.At the beginning the teacher explains only the basis and motivates you to start. You can also watch a few videos of the sketches he does from the very beginning, from the first lines and you can observe the whole process of drawing. He teaches the viewers how to determine aspect ratio and what to pay attention to.The tutor teaches his students drawing pictures from a photo, so our task is to mimic him according to his clues. There are about 20 drawings in the first lesson, then you move to the next episode: ‘a sketch as a masterpiece’.There is the first challenge at this stage – 100 photos of still life: cups, glasses, fruit, teddy bears. And, not fully realising the challenge, I decided to draw all of them.At the beginning of August I started practising very intesely. The first difficulties appeared because Kris used only one picture out of 100 to remind us how to determine aspect ratio and where to put shades.My tutor deserted me.;-(That was how I felt then. However, he was still with us all the time. He just wanted to make us think independently and look for our own way and style.Drawing 100 sketches took three months.

The most interesting observation for me was the fact that suddenly my sketches turned into drawings. At that time I did not fully comprehend the idea of sketching itself, my hand aimed for a drawing at once. Now (January, 2020) it is much better. I am able to sketch, then draw.All those works were very time consuming, although I drew smaller sizes – A5. I believe the more I practise, the shorter time it will ultimately take.At the end, as my 100th sketch, I produced a drawing and even used crayons (for the first time).

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